When looking for luxury transportation, it’s essential to remeline art graphic of a limomber that price should not be the only determining factor – reputation, quality and safety are just as essential.

Limo prices depend on their type, time of day and demand for service. Hourly rates typically include costs such as vehicle rental fees, chauffeur wages, business license and insurance fees as well as fuel.


Limo services provide value and luxury at a fair price, but there are various factors that can alter their cost such as type, duration and additional amenities – keeping these factors in mind can help ensure a budgeted event.

Limo rentals typically last a set number of hours; therefore, the longer you rent one for, the higher its rental cost will be. Many companies may charge an hourly minimum fee in order to cover expenses such as vehicle cleaning, driver dispatching and replenishment of beverages such as ice and drinks.

Head counts also play an influential role in cost estimations. Standard sedans can accommodate four passengers while SUV limos can hold seven to ten. If your group exceeds this capacity, upgrading to larger sizes may increase overall costs significantly.

Day of the week can have an effect on limo prices as well. Weekend rentals tend to cost more than weekday rentals due to higher demand; if possible, renting for a weekday event may save money and avoid high rental fees; also make sure that gratuity is included with your limo rental contract!


There’s no standard size when it comes to limousines; instead there are various sizes available to you. A more compact limousine might fit six to eight people while larger stretch vehicles could seat as many as 18. Your passengers will play an influential role in your pricing decision. Check out our fleet for information on specific vehicles!

Limo companies must recoup their initial investment in their limousine, along with hourly wages for chauffeur employees, business license and insurance expenses, gasoline costs and maintenance expenses incurred to maintain it. Therefore, the more luxurious your ride, the higher your bill may be.

However, there are ways to cut costs with limousine rentals. Renting during the week rather than Friday and Saturday evening can significantly lower hourly rental fees and require number of hours. Another strategy to cut costs would be planning daytime events instead of evening ones for wine tours, spa trips for bachelorette parties or children’s birthday celebrations – this will also bring significant cost savings!


Planning a large event, such as a wedding, prom, or night on the town requires renting for at least 24 hours; this will reduce hourly rates significantly.

Limo services often charge higher hourly rates or require a minimum number of hours on Friday and Saturday nights due to high demand, with some companies also adding fuel surcharges, so make sure that before booking your ride.

Travel time and distance also influence limo prices, since a longer trip requires more gas consumption as well as wear-and-tear on the vehicle. Some limo services may even factor in mileage as part of their pricing structure – be sure to inquire beforehand! In addition, consider tipping your driver between 10-15% of their total limo price as a gesture of thanks.


Location often plays an influential role in limousine pricing; cities will tend to cost more than rural areas and limo services will typically charge extra for trips over an hour in duration.

As with any service, limousine companies also experience increased demand at certain times and days of the year and week. Friday and Saturday tend to be busier than other days during this period and so rates should increase accordingly.

Limos can be hired for events other than proms and weddings; concerts, sporting events, brewery tours, birthday celebrations and concerts. Many limo services provide packages with rental, driver, alcohol supplies and entertainment features such as audio/visual equipment – they may even allow hourly rentals for shorter trips!

Additional Amenities

Limos today come equipped with all sorts of amenities, some standard and others optional. Some limos feature fully stocked bars where you can purchase drinks; others feature TVs or gaming systems in the back where friends or movies can be watched; additionally many companies provide services like curbside pickup or meet and greet to make boarding easier from airports or train stations.

Age is another essential consideration. A more modern limousine may require less maintenance over time and save money; conversely, an older limo may have issues that need fixing or replacement, which will add up over time.

With so many factors determining chauffeured vehicle rental costs, it can be challenging to know exactly how much to spend. But with some helpful hints for finding great value and enjoying an unforgettable experience, you’re sure to find your ideal limousine!