Utah’s capital city stands out as an oasis of culture and mountains, home to Temple Square – famously home of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints – that draws visitors.

Washington’s informal neighborhoods such as University-Foothill district and Capitol Hill-Avenues should also be explored, along with its food scene.

1. Temple Square

Salt Lake City’s Mormon history can be seen throughout its streets and squares, especially its namesake square. Here visitors can gain an understanding of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints through guided tours of temples and historic sites.

Salt Lake Temple, an impressive white structure set against Utah mountains, serves as the centerpiece of this attraction. Although only members of this particular church are permitted to enter it directly, visitors can still see glimpses through windows or tour exhibits within.

Other top sites to see in Salt Lake include the Tabernacle and Assembly Hall, both renowned for their stunning acoustics, which regularly host year-round hour-long concerts by bands, choirs and orchestras. Also of note is the Family History Library with its unparalleled genealogical resource collection.

2. Salt Lake City Museum of Art

Utah State University’s University Museum of Fine Arts features art exhibitions, classes, and activities that interpret, present, and foster learning about visual art. Through these initiatives UMFA strives to deepen public appreciation of fine art as an expression of human creativity.

The Chase Home Museum in Utah is home to one of the state’s only collections of folk art, featuring wood carvings, saddles and beadwork from rural, occupational and ethnic communities throughout Utah.

Explore an engaging selection of interactive and role play exhibits designed to encourage children’s imagination, creation, and discovery! Men- and women-specific restrooms can be found near both galleries; one on the first-floor temporary exhibitions gallery, and two more near modern and contemporary gallery.

3. Hogle Zoo

Salt Lake City offers much more than Mormon sights, such as an incredible museum and lively bar scene. Furthermore, Salt Lake’s mountainous backdrop makes for great hiking and biking activities year-round and boasts some of America’s best ski resorts come winter.

Utah’s capital is an attractive shopping destination, and City Creek Center features everything from high street stores such as H&M to luxury retailers like Louis Vuitton and Apple. For something more local, Trolley Square provides market squares and unique boutiques.

4. Salt Lake City Library

Most people imagine libraries as rows of bookshelves with librarians shush-shushing them away, yet this library stands out from the pack as being completely modern and an architectural work of art.

The downtown library resides on one corner of Library Square and is surrounded by shops, restaurants and a rooftop garden. Its glass walls and roof-top garden provide breathtaking views of both the city and surrounding mountains.

The Salt Lake City Library offers visitors an ideal space to relax, read, write or surf the Internet on one of its 160 computers. Furthermore, its main library hosts events like Alt Press Festival and poetry readings – making it well worth your while during your stay in Salt Lake City.

5. Liberty Park

Most major attractions can be found in Downtown and Capitol Hill-Avenues neighborhoods, with Temple Square as the centerpiece. Outdoor enthusiasts may enjoy hiking and biking through nearby Wasatch National Forest; park ranges like Tracy Aviary hold over 135 species of birds for additional outdoor enjoyment.

Within Temple Square, admire the iconic Mormon Temple with its striking spire-studded roof as well as Assembly Hall and Mormon Tabernacle, both with historic structures dating back hundreds of years. Also prominent within this neighborhood is the Family History Library which holds over two billion names for genealogical research purposes – must-see buildings include these.

6. Salt Palace

Salt Lake City offers something to appeal to every traveler. From its lively downtown scene and easy access to outdoor adventure to its rich mountaintop history and vibrant nightlife scene – Salt Lake City makes an irresistibly exciting travel destination.

History lovers will appreciate visiting Temple Square and historic monuments, while nature enthusiasts should visit Utah’s Hogle Zoo and City Creek Center. There are plenty of lodging options in the area from boutique B&Bs like Ellerbeck Mansion Bed & Breakfast to upscale options like The Hotel at Salt Lake.

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7. Caffe Molise

Salt Lake City may have religious roots, but there are plenty of fascinating attractions within its boundaries that you should check out! All it takes to visit Salt Lake City is knowing where to look!

Plan a day trip to Park City, an elegant and prosperous town approximately 40 minutes east of Salt Lake City. Here you will discover more breathtaking mountain vistas, great skiing in winter months and fun bars and restaurants to experience!

Visit Fisher Brewing Company (also known locally as “Fisher”) for an unforgettable cultural experience and its wide selection of expertly brewed craft beverages, managed by its founder’s great-great-grandson and run by him himself – providing an enchanting watering hole for both locals and visitors. Indulge in local food vendors on site.

8. Current

Salt Lake City boasts numerous museums and cultural venues, and also boasts several colleges and universities.

City was host to the 2002 Winter Olympic Games, and they proved a huge success despite some minor disagreements and protests.

Early pioneers forged an intimate community, under Brigham Young’s direction establishing a system of crop sharing among ward houses.

Since World War II, Salt Lake’s economy has flourished. Defense industries found refuge here as their raw material needs increased, leading Hill Air Force Base to establish itself. Today the city specializes in government services, transportation utilities and professional/business services; furthermore revitalization efforts are also under way downtown.